Backpacks and bags

Personalised backpacks and bags with the design of your company

Backpacks with logo: the practical gift you always have with you


We thought long about custom backpacks as accessories used mainly by students or athletes. Lately, however, they have also spread among office workers and professionals. We see them everywhere, in stadiums, on beaches, in gyms or offices, in all colours and shapes, often with a logo or phrase printed on them. Whether by train, bicycle or motorbike, the backpack is now a symbol of travel much more than suitcases in recent times.

Moreover, pockets and zips make it easier to store all the items carried.  Even among office workers and entrepreneurs, custom backpacks have become almost essential gifts mainly because they protect laptops from bumps and knocks better than briefcases.

Because of their features, backpacks are among the most suitable gifts to be branded with a logo or phrase. Moreover, the fact that they are used for different purposes and by people of all ages increases the visibility of the logo and thus the publicity for the companies that gave them away. All this makes custom backpacks and bags trendy items.